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Do you feel shy when you started your first conversation in italki?



I definitely didn't know what to write about. It was weird, but after writing a few entries I felt more comfortable.. haha

I recall my first time to talk with a native speaker , I felt slight tensed indeed . Fortunately , that Australian language partner is very kind and patient to fix my pronunciation and tooth up my sentences , before long , I felt so comfortable and my heart did not rush at that moment . I have also have another experience in talking with an Ukraine girl and I remenber I was disturbed by her pronuncation . 

i didnt ever have my first conversation in italki,would you mind start with me ???

In the real life I am shy. Sometimes I am ashamed when I am speaking English with a native speaker on skype, my pronunciation is bad and I have problems in listening.

i haven't my first conversation yet. but i think it so interesting hear how you and your partner can use own knowledge in speaking. i want to try it:)

Ouhe ueah ,i was so very nervous

there is nothing we can't,chaizzzooooooo, trying together!!!

there is nothing we can't,chaizzzooooooo, trying together!!!


No,i never do that ,I am shy ,but i will try ,that maybe very interesting,hehe

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