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how can i improve my vocabulary?

how can i improve my vocabulary? tell me some tips and websites ?




Read, read, read! Don't stop to look up every new word in the dictionary. Guess meaning by context and keep moving. If you do (later) check words in a dictionary, write them down with any idioms and make a sample sentence with the word. Try to use it during the day. And read lots!!! magazines, books, something you enjoy. Also:

I have no good idea.If you find good way to improve you vocabulary.please share me.

In my opinion , to learn vocabulary is the first step to master your language , however, it is crucial for you to retain these handful words in your brain . The best way to keep it longer in your mind and use it adequately is to make as many sentences as you can . You have to recognize that to learn vocabulary is to speak more deeply instead of memorization only .

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