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I want to practice my English, so call for help urgently~!

I'm a Chinese girl ,so I want to practice my spoken English urgently!Call for help here~~~I‘m glad to make friends with foreigners!




Hello. My name is Jenny. I would be happy to help you learn some English. Do you have skype? Also how much do you know about the language. If you would like me to teach you let me know. My skype is

Jenny,nice to meet u~~I would like to make friends with u~~~~Thank u for teaching me English! I’M

fingding a native American,so u r just the people I'm looking for!!My SKYPE NAME IS yaliTan(my chinese name),u can also call me sero(English name)! I have sent the apply for adding u as my friend on the skype!!Waitting for talking to u  on skype!

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