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how to worth much in work?

When you do some job, the company pay for it. Like me, the salary my company paid for me can feed me only. But sometimes they think I don't worth it. I don't know why. I want to earn much money. how to worth much in work?



It can be quoted a simple idea in conventional economy : balance the demand and supply . If you are valuable to your boss and your pay is comparably economical , I guess you boss would be very happy to retain you . On the contrary , if you are not so valuable or even bad performance in your work , while your salary is comparably higher compared to other employees , you might be dismissed someday or other .  Anyway , to charge yourself anytime is the best policy to face upcoming challenge . I know it is harder to do than to say , like a cliche , but it is the truth.

Thanks your answer, my friend!!  How to be valuable and have good performance in my work? My problem which I had to face is that I should find the difference between other people and find the way to be more valuable.

Thanks Ahmad ALAZMI, Life is tough in China than in your country. But we have no choise to choose the country to born. BTW, my father is a farmer too.

Thanks Ayad, my friends. My problem is that my boss think my efforts were not equal to my salary. aha.  And I don't know the real reason. Lack of communication skills? Lack of the work capibility?  or because I hadn't work when my baby birthed.  It's not hard to find a new job for me. I had good education, had experiense. But I want to found the real reason, modify it. My failing shouldn't be in the next job. 

It is very common for most bosses to regard employees' effort is not correspondent with their salary . So as a consequence , do not pay too much attention to your bosse's notion . To find a better job to verify you are qualified for current job would be another good choice . You may fire your boss if you are competent .

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