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How Did You Find Out About italki?



I'm curious how people found italki on the internet. Was it through a friend? School? Other?




Was it through a friend is my case jajaj

i dont remember .. omg

through googling, I was always trying to find for a social networking for learning a sharing a knowledge ,, finaly I found it


I found this website accidentally when I was seaching for materials or my undergraduate thesis. I was surprised that this website is such a very good place for those who wants to learn languages from the native speakers. :)

My sister is introduced

Through website, where recommand italki a very good way of learning foreign language.

Like most of the people,on internet.

A friend of mine told me.

Site benific like this I am afraid that they will cuts it out or turn him to payed site ! in while time we try to enjoy it and get maximum of it.

I was googling for English grammar discussion forums.

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