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I love you not for that, who are you, but for that, who i am, when i am with you.

Is it true or false? What do you think about it?



I think it is true and This is about philosophical life , They say also:

Love is a choice and behavior.

Love is unconditional, it must not be related to a benifit toward it.

If these are respected a man will love his wife (a woman loves her husband) a mother or father loves his children a friend loves his friend ,loves God his nation, the entire humanity.

If a person think that actions behavior and unconditionement of love is not necessary the love start to die like flame when the fuel is ending and it became a coldness interaction .




In English, "I love you not for who you are, but for who I am when I am with you."

I beg to differ.  I personally think love is not a choice. I don't choose to love.  I fall into it. 


I will explain for example I have a son I loved him when he grow up he did a mistake he goes to jail everyone abondon him but only who loves him realy like his father he must loves him because he is my son and love is unconditional.

how love is a choice and behavior?

for example I fall in love with a pretty woman she became my wife I love her she loves me ect...

and after, unfortunatly she gets an accident or get sick she lost her beauty she become more necesicitive of carying she needs treatments ,I choose to stay in love to her and a behave in love with her I dont abondon her she is my wife and my love I carry and stay always her faithfull loving husband.

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