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How you facing difficulties in personal or proffesional life ?

Tell me how you struggle in life problems in this materialistic living that we are facing each day,may be you have a hobbie that you express yourself or some people smokes cigarettes (dangerous to health) etc...

What is the best way to face life difficulties.



I use to struggle them with wisdom and patience. That's the best way.

Life's full of problems that we must face. As my grandma said, "There's only one place where people never have any problems, the cemitery"... I kind of find that phrase a bit weird, but it's valid.


It is true the world seems so materialistic these days. There is so much pressure to have nice things and to look a certain way. I've always been happy with myself. I take pride in being different, in being an individual.


I also use my creative outlets to help calm those feelings. I play my piano and craft things whenever I have time to do so :)

I cope with life problems by exercising, reading about my favorite interests (history, science, world news), praying. I want to advise you a book "How to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie". The book really helped me.


This is helping ! , 

Alessandro I like your grandma advice I will try to put it on my mind  ;)

Izlegirl , yes It is important to be  ourselves and feel harmony by expressing in creativity and feeling proud of ourselves no matter how we are like: poor ugly fat weak sick etc..,,,

Vladimir I have heard about that book ,I will get it soon ,I hope it will change my life too.

thanks all ♥♡♥ .

Free your mind  a while maybe you can write something about anything that pass your mind in books or here.

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