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What are you afraid of?

Specific phobias, or any other kind of fear?


My phobia is quite strange, but it's called Athazagoraphobia- it's when someone is afraid of being abandoned, forgotten or ignored.

Mine was caused because of low-self esteem and not enough confidence. But Im working on it now! :')



What's the name for "fear to the beer ceases to exist" :)






I have a very strong fear of needles, those used for medicin shots. It happened because of the dentist when I was a child... I can't see needles on tv for example. And now I'm realli afraid of bees and wasps because of an acquired alergy to teir sting... I didn't have this allergy and have been bit by wasps before but a few years ago I got bit by one wasp and had to go to the hospital and take two different intravenous shot because I was all red and inflated, it was awful... see why I'm afraid of wasps now? Needles.


Plus I'm really afraid that someone can read my mind... I'm not a good person, hahahahaha, my thought are not what people consider normal, but I live normally... I think people would be shocked.

I'm afraid of losing my senses, like going blind or deaf or something of the sort. I also fear losing my intelectual abilities, have you ever realised how terrible it would be if you lost your reasoning? And of course, cockroaches, they scare the hell out of me (it doesn't make sense since I don't fear snakes, frogs, spiders and so on)

I'm afraid of Santa.  I suffer from Claustrophobia.


I'm afraid of making a spelling mistake and hitting 'send' accidentally before I've corrected it. It's the stuff of nightmares.

I have fear of opening my emails hehe lol..

I afraid of standing on a high building and looking down , I guess that is called acrophobia .

I am afraid of someone behave badly for me.

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