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What should you do if your boss don't like me?

   I am puzzled about the way my boss treat me. She always blame me because some little questions, sometime the other people have the same problem,even bigger, that's OK to her. I feel unhappy and meaningless about my job. What's matter about her? My colleague told me:" She don't like you. So what you did is wrong. You can't make all of people like you, It's your boss unfortunately" What should I do?  Tell her," Fuck, that's me anyway!" or " go to hell"



I don't understand your meaning totally? Are you asking "What should you do if your boss don't like you ?"

First I think you should review your job attitude, Second You should find a reason make your boss behave badly for you.

None of manager always treat their staff exception there 's some big problem about you or her ( maybe about the love :D). Are you wondering the things with yourself ? If there is a private reason then she are not a good manager 'cause she is not fair play. In case of you can tell your mind to the highest manger. Otherwise, You tell her "Go hell" and go away this company.


Ayad, thanks a lot, my friend!

Thanks, strongangel.  Thanks for your suggestion.  "a private reason" cause that a unfair play. yes. I had told my mind to the higher manger, He told me that" the reason for appliying me is to replace the job of my boss after she retire from our company. "  I had known nothing about it, but I think my boss don't want to retire. That's the reason make that she treat in the unfair  way. But now the higher manger also told me that" you are lack of work capability."

If I were you , I would rather think much of myself than my bosse's thought . To be more strong for yourself could be the only one thing you can go for .


You know, working with a female boss can be real pain in the butt sometimes. so, your boss is jealous of you because she's loosing her job because of you. And the fact your abilities are not yet up to the standard (according to the higher manager's opinion) makes you even more of an easier target for her??


If your boss knows that you are considered to be below the required level skill-wise by the management, it's either you or the boss who will end up taking the job. If you fight her, it's going to be a tough battle because her position as your booss gives her an upper hand.


Or if you would like to interpret the situation positively, she's very strict with you precisely because she is super professional and is pround of her position, and if you are to take over her postion, she expects the same level of professional standard as hers. She might be strict with you because you are expected more by her than your co-workers??

thanks for your suggestion, my friends!

You know, the golden rule for almost every boss is to employ people 

with weaker capabilities than he has. This fact asure him that he will

never be replaced by a subaltern. 

If you are too smarty your boss will not like you even you don't are 

better than he. 

In my opinion the best way to be accepted by a boss is that never 

contradict him. Give your accord to his ideas and after that do the 

things as you want. 



1. What should I  do if my boss don't like me?

2. What should you do if your boss don't like you?

You are welcome 

Gabor is right. If you want to prove yourself you should do whatever your higher boss requires of you. You want to impress him by being loyal and showing him/her you are completely capable of being in management. However, do not overstep him. As for the boss who is being rude I would try to still be professional. If you complain too much about her it won't do you any good in the company.

Thanks Gabor and Mackenzie, you are right. Thanks for your suggestion.

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