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Happy Halloween! Who celebrates it here and how?

I am an American so of course I love Halloween! I am celebrating it this year in Asia and have celebrated it all over the world from Bora Bora to Barcelona.

Here is how I celebrated it in California ( beach style) :

This year I went as a beany baby duck and did a Karaoke party with my friends in Penang.



thx, mozart. Happy Halloween=D

I celebrated it last night in my dorm, where it was transformed into a haunted house. I was the helper so basically what I did was to pretend to be a ghost and scare visitors. My face was painted white. Bloods were drawn on my face. Sometimes I covered my face with my hair (it's very long=p)and scared passers-by . It was so much fun! People kept screaming. The louder they screamed, the happier I became. lol

Happy halloween!


That looks fun although it's totally alien to me to have halloween in sunshine.


Traditionally here in Scotland people would carve out lanterns from turnips but now people use pumpkins. They do look better and take much less time to do. They also just dressed up in scary costumes now it's more like a day to dress in any costume. Children go "guising" where they knock on the doors of neighbours and perform songs or tell stories to get sweets. Although the American traditions are influencing it more now where children just say ''trick or treat''.

At parties we do bobbing for apples, where your hands are tied behind your back and you have to pick an apple up in water with your mouth. The same with scones covered in treacle tied from a rope (very messy!).

Also there are pagan celebrations on Carlton Hill in the capital where half naked people covered in body paint dance around fires and perform ceremonies.

I live in Ukraine. so...i will not celebrate Halloween! Unfortunately...
But i very love this holiday..

hello) Happy Halloween! I am also celebrate. We have already prepared a pumpkin with a candle.

It is not common here to decorate your house with scary stuff, for children to go trick or treat, or even go to a custom party.

What we usually do here starting Oct 31 to Nov. 2 most people go to cemetery at night and they stay where their love ones was buried. They stay their until morning. I never tried this because I'm lazy so I dont know really know what they are doing there maybe just talking, eating and roaming around in the cemetry whole night.

Sup I'm From northern china, we don't actually celebrate Halloween here. we call Halloween the western ghost festival lmao btw I love English can u send me ur qq through by any chance Maybe we we can do one language exchange. It's glad to meet u hv a gd day

happy halloween!! but I don´t understand the hallowen yet. :(



Happy Halloween. :)


In Maine, there is a lot of road construction going on (installing pipes for gas lines), so there is a lot of traffic backed up. I just passed out candy this year and there weren't many trick-or-treaters this year (We don't have many, anyway. Madison, ME. is a small town with a popluation of about 4,000 people). There's not much that goes on, honestly. The nursing home usually has a haunted house, sometimes people set haunted houses in their yard, etc. It's a bit too chilly to be out too long. About 30F with rain. :( 


Hope you all that celebrate Halloween had a good one. :)

I'm from VietNam, but in VietNam I had a halloween in a university. I fell that celebration is very  excited and funny and surprising...... 

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