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What was the last book you read?

What was the last book you read? It doesn't matter what language it was written in. Now I'm interested in Bernard Werber books. I found them very mindbending and they make to think about our attitude to our life. I like author's interpretation of the life after death. Now I'm reading about ants community.



Thank you, Laura, for your answer!

The last book that I read was, Malgudi days written by R.K Narayan :)


Indira,I keep reading Hindi books.Last book I read about middle class Indian society.Author was Malti Joshi.Indira is a very Indian name. Its another name for goddess of wealth(Laxmi).

Anita, thank you.

I have been reading a summary book of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, in English version. The setting of the story is kind of very long time ago, which is different from millennium era where we live now. It makes me feel like going back to my childhood time. However, the love story makes you don't want to stop reading

Recently I've read "The age of innocence" written by E. Wharton :) I recommend this book.


last book i read is (poor folk ) by fyodor dostoevsky (russian writer)


I am reading a book for taekwondo instructors training right now called, "Today Matters" by John C. Maxwell. But on my own, the last book I read was called, "Meaning of Dreams - Dream Analysis: The True Interpretation of Dreams" by Dr. Doug Sullivan.

My last book was 'der Prozess' by Franz Kafka



I've been reading John Green's books - Looking for Alaska, The fault in our stars, Paper Towns and now An abundance of Katherines. They're easy young adult books but still quite interesting. 

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