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Losing Memory . . . Let's imagine . . .

If you Lost your Memory ,

What is the most thing or the only thing that you want to re-remember?



If I lost my memory, I would remember, at least, two things: My beliefs and my ambitions.

If I lost my memory, I would remember: my family, my friends and who I are and my ambitions.

I think if we didn't remember our family and friends, they would help us to remember them. But if we didn't remember our beliefs and ambitions, we would not understand ourselves. For me they're the two things which make people different.

Thanks Nour & Laura :)


who else?

no one want to re-remember anything ?!!!

Well to me...I have to say....who we are really depends on our past and what we have experienced or learned from life..So I guess if this defines who we are, than if You lose your memory you lose your personality. so its all kind of pointless :D

If I lose my memory, I think I never lose my love, and the things I like. If I forget them, I will relove them.

The only thing I want to .... what was your question?

Sorry Nacir . . .


But I don't remember :))

I will re-remember only good things from my childhood, I will keep a hand of my beloved one and I will talk and talk about  all  these funy stories of mine.

Thanks Andre Kaasik :)

Thanks ashely :)

Thanks eva :)

All the best for you guys :)

Who else?



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