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There are two sentences what I don't understand, somebody come to help me, thank you

"you start to miss them and wish that you were around to go b-day parties, births, and reunion. Friends can't complete  you like family"

The phrase " were around " what does it mean?

"friend can't complete you like family" I also what does it mean?

Thank you for every want to discuss.



"to be around" means to be close; not be far; to be in the area; be near.  So the person speaking wishes that he was near "them" so that he could go to birthday parties etc.


In this context, "to complete" means to make someone feel whole.  That is, when something "completes" you, you feel like nothing that you really need is missing.   According to the speaker, members of your family can do that better than friends can.


"things" as well as people can be completed:  "All he needs is a good wife in order to complete his happiness."

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