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I need someone who can help me studying Korean

I am familiar with Hangul but it really gives me a hard time to construct a single word. I'm so confuse about it. Can anyone help me out?




quick question, can you read virtually all simple words in hangul? (Not including all the weird double vowel exceptions and double consonants)

Also, do you understand what a consonant and a vowel is? (in hangul)

I can't read simple words in hangul though I knew the sounds of each letters.

i think i can help, there are 3 main types of ways to make a "block" but each goes in a pattern starting with a consanant then vowel than consanent,... etc. the reading of each block goes from left to right then bottom:

1st:ㅇ + ㅏ= 아  ah  or ㄴ + ㅏ = 나 nah

2nd: ㄴ + ㅏ + ㅂ = 납 nahp

3rd: ㄴ+ㅓ +ㄹ + ㅂ = 넓 neorb


i forgot two things: the flat vowels like ㅠㅡㅛㅗ go under the first consanant like:


also dipthongs, a combination of two vowels, there are only a few of them to= remember- ㅇ + ㅗ + ㅏ= 와 wa, ㅇ +ㅗ + ㅣ = 외 wi, ㅇ + ㅗ + ㅐ= 왜 wae ,ㅇ + ㅜ + ㅓ = 워 wo 


also keep in mind that  ㅇ makes a ng sound at the bottom of a block and ㅅ makes a "d" sound at the bottom unless followed by a vowel

forgot to put an example for the first one: ㅇ + ㅡ = 으  uh , ㅇ + ㅗ + ㄴ = 온 ohn

I think I studied your first comment. But I really find it difficult to read a one word or letter hangul (what ever you called like in this form 넓) 


If its 넓, there is usually some other sort of word, begining with ㅇ next to it. This means that afterwards, if it was 넓아 (Don't know if this is an actual word but heres an example), then the second consonant in the last line would move over to take the space of the ㅇ, so it would be pronounced as 널바.

In the other occations, I'm not too sure..

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