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What is the most valuable thing you have ever lost ?

.... I think , nothing becuse I have not lost anything so far.Maybe I remember such :)



I always lose my earphones. Once, I wanted to buy some extremely expensive. But I rather changed my mind and made good decision :)

befor 2 weeks ago,I went to pay some bills before going to work after I took a bus to job when I arrived to destination and a bus passed away ,I relized that I lost my phone may be I droped it in the bus ,

I went to phone station I called several times I was extreamly scared all my contacts on it all my personal messages etc...

finally a man answered that he is the bus driver !ouf,

I thanked him he said that a passenger gaved it to him

After I started to chase every bus I cross on the road it tooks me an entire day finally I found a bus and my phone ,in that day I cluldnt go to my job ,

after that day I check my stuff when I be on public places

My sense of humor.  Ha ha


Probably my mom's custom made 18K gold amethyst earrings. Even the real stones where transfered into the earrings from some other jewelry she once had. She has them since she was a teen and gave them to me when I was 15 (I lost them over the summer). They were very expensive and she was quite mad about it. :/

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