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What do you do when there is nothing interesting on tv?



sometimes tv is very boring! I preffer to read a good book. 


TV has got so boring lately. I usually make some jewelry, or practice taekwondo for my next class. Most of the time, facebook it for awhile until that gets boring. Haha.

Never indulge yourself in TV programs as you will waste plenty of time in tabloid news or dreary talking shows . You can do everything ouside your house as you like . There is nothing more than taking a walk in the wild  .

I don't watch TV at all but I read more books.

Keep changing the channels :)

turn on the hatest channel and begin to fall a sleep

i whatch TV just for the football game when it finish i read book or go in internet or with my friend :D

I prefer the Internet and digital creativity to watching TV due to more benefits for self-development.


I don't even have a TV!

If i want to watch a TV program I watch it online.


It gives me more time for my hobbies.

I don't remember the last time I was watching tv

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