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Do you mind saying your age? Why do you think people don't like to say it?



I don't mind to say my age :D


It's silly people are made to feel bad about things they can't control. I don't mind but I dislike when people act overly sensitive about it. Like I had someone for a security check ask my age and then apologise for doing it as if it's something to be ashamed about. There's too much emphasis on age.

I don't care...I'm 36.  Men get better with age though ;)

I don't mind saying my age (if someone asks me). I think, it has nothing to do with age, that's why I show my age on iTalki profile. But, I can see that, sometimes, culture makes our ways of thinking differ. 


I don't mind saying mine. I'm 18, born on October 29, 1995. Not too picky about it. :) Some people may be because they don't think age matters, or they might not like talking about their age for some reason. It could be some personal reason why they don't like saying it. :)

I think this depends on your country‘s culture.

In China, we don't think it's a matter.

am 24 years old but i think that problem comes from the girls who think if the men younger than her then she is her mum and act like a teacher :)))))

I don't mind saying my age ,but in China a couple of people mind it expecialy women.

I guess that because they want to keep youger and youger.

I am 27 ,but in my mind i am 18 forever ,hahaha.


I don't mind saying my age, I'm 19 (3 March, 1994). Besides, I think It just depends on the way people think differently.

i think that's argument match with what's women think. i just say realistic if usually, women wanna looked always beautiful and young. that's just one reason to answer that's. and of course if men always don't care about that

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