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do you believe with zodiac?

my friends always up date and believe with her zodiac. every week she always read and enthusiastic for that. how about you guys?





I somewhat believe that planetary allignment can have effect on our planet and our emotions. I don't think it goes much further then giving us different perspectives and attitudes though.

I just can't understand why everyone around(at least here in russia) believe in signs of the zodiac, even really smart people. I think the descriptions of types are made  in a way so you could recognise youreself in any type. And if you can't, you just open another source with different descriptions and there you are.

As for forecasting, I even googled how is it being written, what is the methodology, but instead there were a lot of stories from people who worked in magazines/journals and just wrote these predictions out of their head.


I dont believe in zodiac sign but I love reading it. That is one I look forward every Chinese New Year. Reading what my zodiac sign will say about me throughout the year but then I don't believe I just read.

ya, i agree with you all. i don't believe with zodiac. of course, my destiny, your destiny is different, though we have the same zodiac.but sometimes that's just for fun, special for young person. but that's all it's a interest phenomena

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