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When you start learning another language, what's the first thing to do first?

When you start learning another language, what's the first thing to do first? 



The first thing I do is learn about this country or about this language cultural.

The first thing I usually do is get some basic phrases. I move from countries to countries every 90 days and I always see to it that I have full knowledge of the language of my next destination. The Lonely Planet pocket book is really of big help!

When I start learning something I learn the easy parts first. So with language I will learn about easy new words and grammars, then easy tenses like present tense, past tense..

I think it depends on the language, but I start by learning basic phrases like "Hello, how are you" or "I want..." and in this way if their is difficult grammar (like German), I can start learning grammer along with new vocab. With that being said I think learning verbs are very important in communicating.

For me... I play a video game in that language. Seriously... I leraned English basically with video games. Tehn a little of French, but with this one I'm focusing on books. And German I already pleyd two video games.

Thank you so much, everyone! In my case, I remember some words, some phrases, and easy grammars. It's just like that. 

you can  listen and see movie with thier subtitles  , it help you to compare about listening words and seing words 


Yes, that's right, and I know that. Italian is also it.



I think so. It's hard to listen to them in a film.  

Listen. I listen to the target language for a while firstly, whether it be an entire week or month(s). I don't have any clue to any letter or word, nor do I have to. I just listen. Listen to the sound, the tone, the pauses, etc. That will be great if I get chances to listen to as many different people speaking that very language as possible when I know nothing yet, I just listen.


Then 50 short sentences or so which "interest" me so I won't forget that easily (e.g. "I like eating shit", "I am the shit actually", "I am so sexy", "She enjoys eating me daily", now I got four interesting sentences :D :D). Memorise them all by heart (with a help from any native speaker for my pronunciation, if possible). Whether I can write them down or not at this phase, doesn't matter.


Then the grammar.

The first thing that I learn is pronunciation. Then basic phrases, songs, grammar...

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