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What's The Best Language Learning Tip That You Can Give?

1. Mine is probably never translate in English

2. Speak the language right away instead of spending time studying on books/language schools.


How about you guys?



Love the language you learn unconditionally.

Immersion and confidence.

First: don't think "it's too hard T.T", think that it just takes time... The real thing with languages is that you have to get used to them, to the way people express their thoughts in other languages... this is what takes time so...


Second: ... practice. If you are only used to your own language you will always think with it, in it's terms, with it's rules.  The only way to get it right and automatically is by practicing. And talking about automatic...:


Third: ... always try as well as possible to not translate things to your own language. I mean translate every little thing like reading a word and having to search through your mind what it means in your own language. Try to find the meaning the new words and fix them in your mind as concepts. When you are speaking in your own language you don't translate it in your head, right? So don't do this with the language you're learning. It will be hard at first but with a little time we get it :)


Ps.: Translating texts, songs or anything else is a great way to practice and acquire vocabulary, so it's not a bad thing.

Immersion, dedication and passion =)

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