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November. :)

It's fall (autumn) in Germany and the leaves fall, change their colors and the air is cold and windy.

What about your country? Tell something. :)



What to tell you? Maybe you'd like to know how life in Berlin is right now?
A lot of fat ass motherfuckers are walking around, waring fancy hipster rags, drinking some Starbucks crap with soya milk and talking about a better world without war, meat, death,...

But please don't take it to serious. It's not an offense against anybody. It's just my impression about today :)

You give the others a great impression of germany, haha. :D


I spent the last 4 winters in Germany and this year I'm in England... it's still 16 here!!! This time last year I was already wearing my winter jacket, and here I'm just wearing a light pulli. But there's a lot of rain, I am starting to understand why everyone thinks it rains here!

I'm from Baltimore in the USA: it's still warm there and we don't get much snow. I'm not sure which place I like best yet!

The weather changes everyday in İstanbul/Turkey..It was sunny yesterday but It is cold today.the weather will be sunny tomorrow :) 

The leaves are red and falling, and the weather is slowly turning cold. Most days I go outside with a light jacked but usually at night it gets colder, around 30. November is when it really starts getting cold, but I can't wait for the first snow fall! The mountains that loom over our town are covered with snow though.


Jonas I'm not sure how that is much different from most American cities. Afterall starbucks came from

Here in Brazil it's already the Second month of spring and it's soooo hot. I live in the North-East with is one of the hottest regions of the country and right now we must have tops of 38ºC in a small town like mine... In places with a lot of concrete, thogh, things are even hoter. But, you know, time for fun and beatches \o/


Where I live the temperature does'nt go much lower (if it does)from 16ºC and we are freezing by this point, hahahaha... But in the South of Brazil there is snow during winter... we are a relly big and diverse country.

No leaves changing color and falling here in Philippines. (T.T) I just hate Nov. months because in morning it's very hot but in the evening it will rain very hard and it is very cold sometimes it cause traffic.  I hate it because i go to work at night. How I wish it will rain in morning and no rain at night.

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