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give me an advice ~

what do you do if you miss someone so much ?!! and that person doesn't miss you...and you feel like he is forgot you!!



I understand your feeling but it is not over. Just think in a good way about this person)

It is very strange but usually we need those men who neednt us and vice versa - we neednt those men who need us. One day when you stop to miss him he can suddenly remember you. But anyway you must be happy no matter with him or without him. And you should remember that Gog will put everything at the right place. Every situation in your life has a sense - if he is not with you so you neednt him, just you dont understand it yet.

thanks for these cheerful advices
but..that person made me a nother girl . and gave me the best that person disappeared from my life without any reason's hard to me to forget that person but i will try !! what should i do if we meet again ?!

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