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my objective in 5 next years.

It is obvious that gold support individuals to effort and live more meaningfully, unless their life is boring and nonsensical due to everyday rather than being aware of their responsibility, they only look forward to time elapse the fast, the better. Therefore, I virtually set up objectives in short – term as well as long – term, at the same time self – motivate to obtain them. In this writing, I will share with my friend about my plan in next 5 years.
First and foremost, I would like to mention my plan in approximately 1 year after graduating. As you know that both of us are senior student who are under extreme pressure of internship space and job, especially in the global economic crisis period, opportunity of good positions becomes more difficult than it was. Because of this, to satisfy requirements of employers in globalization trend, 6.5 IELTs is the most significant objective that I plan to achieve in the end of this year. Thanks to EILTs certificate, it not only opens up competitive advantages but also supports me to be gotten more potential to work for international organizations. Equally important, I desire to be an assistant auditor working for one of the most audit firms in Vietnam such AASC, U&I, MAZARS.
In the farther future, between 3 and 5 next years, perhaps manage auditing position and CPA certificate – degree of profession auditor - are things that I care most. Most people concern that promotion helps them to earn higher salary level as well as more power, it is undeniable that I also am interested in both opportunities for advancement and reputation. It is undoubted that as professional auditor, that each staff desires to become manage auditor is the first important step to success in auditing career. Additionally, partners having the most significant role in audit firm base both personal experience and qualification to determine who are eligible for some remarkable spaces such as senior, manager as well as partner. In fact, CPA is compulsory factor to choice superior candidates, an account of which, I must pass CPA to able to promote more conveniently.
Most issue, I majorly concern with career because I do not intend to be interested in some other problem in next 5years.
In conclusion, I look forward to achieve career gold regardless of various drawback



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