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What do you use when you eat?

In some of countries like Japan use chopsticks.

Of course I use chopsticks well because my mother educated me how to use chopsticks and when I didnt use well(beautiful way) she slapped my hand often when I was a child.


now I use chopsticks for .... rice, curry rice, noodle, pasta, soup, sitew, fish,meet, everything except bread. I use my hand when I eat bread and hamburgers.


People may think I am crazy If I use chopsticks for bread or hamburgers.




so..... What do you use every meal??? like avobe.



I think it's a talent to be able to use chopsticks for almost everything. I only use chopsticks when I'm eating noodles, sushi, stir fry, etc. I don't try it when I'm eating fried rice because I'm horrible. Otherwise I often use forks for everything.


I use forks and spoons but lately I have been using chopsticks for lots of food. Anything with noodles or rice in it or something bigger like cooked vegitables and meat. I'm still learning but I find it really fun.



I use chopsticks for almost everything, too! Coming from an Asian household, I was accustomed to using chopsticks from a young age. I think chopsticks are super convenient and very useful. 

I use only spoon even though I should use spoon and fork.. I am lazy to use both. lol ..sometimes I use hand if the food are fried. I only use chopstick when I eat in a chinese, korean and japanese restaurant. I find it nonsense if I will not use chopstick. The feeling of eating in those kind of restaurant will not be complete if I don't use chopstick.

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