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What does your boyfriend/girlfriend do that you hate or dislike?



she restrict my life. For instance, I surf on the internet and she says "what are you doing? " care the baby. and if I speak with someone on the phone. She asks "who is that. are you cheating me" a lot of questions. I dont want to hear too much questions. Just only rest.

When he ignored me.

He always rolls his whole body on me when he is sleeping, and when he gets up in the morning he makes a bunch of noise then leaves the bathroom light on.

When she dry my pocket!

No G/F

I'm possessive you some stuff. But I can't say it to her as she might start disliking me.

No bf now. 


Ex likes to make a scene. Always having a go. Sick of it. 
He said he wasn't always like that. (Yeah right, like I planted it in him.)

Hope he's not doing it anymore now that we are not together. 

he likes fart everywhere... and I hate him for this)))))

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