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What is the most affordable country to visit?

European countries are very expensive, but fairly cheap to move around in. The US is expensive to visit, but when you get there it's cheap. The best place for the money that I've visited was probably Uruguay. What are some of the affordable places you have visited?



I would like to answer this question but unfortunately I've never been in more than 2 countries.

But I can tell you my opinion because I read lol :), usually some countries are expensive to visit but cheaper to live some others are the opposite.

Many countries need more tourism and there's a big way and opportunities to know them!! they are cheaper than others for the simply reason that they need visitors and being known for other cultures.

- Belize a central American country is getting a good and affordable packages that make visitors think more to take vacation there.

- Paraguay is an awesome south American country and believe me, it is very affordable to visit and to live, not too much people in U.S, Canada and Europe know about Paraguay.... but when they visit there they really love the place, culture and people.

-Ecuador wih many things to do, if like nature, sea, islands and extreme sports ou definitelly have to go visit Ecuador, it's cheaper!! the food is great and they have one of the most affordable hotel prices!

-Guatemala to many people is affraid to go to Guatemala now, because international news are always saying that Guatemala is one of the most dangerous places in Latin America, beside the fact that I'm Guatemalan, as a person I can tell you that many tourists go there and they really have a great time and safe vacation. All the prices have already all tax inclusion on them, soo you have not to pay more for taxes! restaurants are great and they serve you big portions!!!

-Uruguay is an awesome place to visit and also to live, I would like to visit it!!! it's great to see how wonderful things you can do there and how many nice people you can meet, Uruguayans are well known to be very warm and nice Latinos!



Basically Latin American countries are the cheapest and affordable ones!! if you wanna got to Asia Thailand, Cambodya, China, Mongolia and Bangla-Desh are the cheapest ones in the east..... but it doesn't mean that they're cheaper.... it just mean that they are the most ones!!!

In the Middle East, Kuwait, Israel and Yemen have good packages for tourists!!

In Oceania..... maybe New Zealand..... but is better live than visit it!

U.S and Canada are great places to live and visit..... but for me they're expensive to live!!! especially when you have no job....


Europe, is beautiful..... but so expensive in general.... maybe Romania, Moldova and Macedonia might be the cheapest ones.....

I think I speak a lot ahahahahaha

so I don't know just keep looking if you wanna travel!!!

I wish you the best John bye :)


Perú. it is my country. lol

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