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Why do some women wear make-up?

Why don't they show their natural face?



just check some photos before and after makeup, and you'll get the answer.

I think maybe they don't have self-confidency. and they dont't belive themselves. and also they can't show their abilities in other aspect so they should get attention by this manner!

although I musat say that I think this for much makeup not for light makeup. light makeup is beauty and women like beauty :)


every woman has her own reason

some like to get attention and others makeup gives them a self confidence

some like to cover their shortcomings




Every woman has a reason behind their actions.

1. Confidence

2. Cover up

3. Attention

4. "Enhance natural beauty"


I would say one of the biggest impacts would be role-models/image/media on young children:

Barbie, actresses, actors, family, cartoons, etc.


I work with children and on Halloween the biggest thing for the girls was "My eyeshadow is the same as...." As children grow, they (not all) do not see themselves as beautiful because they are living up to the media's expectations. Ads, commercials, movies, tv shows, etc.


In the end, women wear make-up to change their appearance, whether it be big or small. Women aren't the only ones who change their appearance though. Some men get their eyebrows done, put product in their hair to style it, even shaving....these are ways of altering your appearance.


Of course you do not have to watch these, it's just a different way to answer your question. There are a ton of videos on the web.

How some women see themselves:

Media on men (1 min in it starts):

Media on children:

The most important reason is wear make-up can ehance their beauty.

when they become much beautiful, this world treat them more friendly.


For women who are young, I don't think it is necessary to wear so much make up on a daily basis. I hear you will get wrinkles as years go by....

it makes me feel self-confident.beultiful  women and handson men  are more popular.they have more chance in you think so?

I like the girls without makeup because it reflects the self-confidence and natural beauty, and if it was necessary to makeup I would like to see it very light . there are things that must be a girl has to take care of them like to put perfume and does not neglect her hair (beautiful hair stylish) and more importantly, that beauty is the beauty of the soul and morality not the beauty of the body .

because the man love beautiful women

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