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Read & Tell me your opinion, But Remember : I'm not your enemy, I'm just someone who really care about you :))

If you want to know the meaning of your life, you must know the answer of this 2 questions :

1 - What is the Real purpose & goal of life ?
2 - Is life fair or not ?

( P.S. : you can't answer the second question before answering the first one ) ,

@ about the first question ( What is the Real purpose & goal of life ? )

you must know that there is only one purpose & goal of life for all people starting from the beginning of the history until the end ( It's just same goal for all people ),
and this goal all people can achieve it, whatever they are ( poor, rich, strong, weak, beautiful, ugly, smart, stupid, have talent, have no talent, . . . . . . etc )
& Whatever the date of death ( they will die today, tomorrow, after a year, after 10 years, after 100 years, . . . . . . etc ),
so they will can achieve this only goal ( whatever they are & whatever the date of death ) .

@ about the second question ( Is life fair or not ? )

I can tell you that LIFE IS COMPLETELY FAIR . . . . . . . . How that !!!
let's explain with an example :
If you have a goal to be a great doctor, and I have the same goal, ( but you are smarter than me, so you will can achieve your goal but I won't ) or ( but I will die after 1 year & you will die after 70 years, so again you will can achieve your goal but I won't )
still think Life is fair ?!!!! YES . . .. How ?!!!!
because being a great doctor is a fake goal in life, being a great doctor could be a way to achieve the only goal of life, which you & I can achieve it . . . Again ( whatever we are Smart or not smart ) or ( whatever the date of death after 1 year or after 70 years ),

so, if you want me to give you an advice,
try as much as you can to know ( what is the only goal of life ? )
only then you will know the meaning of your life & you will really live your life,

I want to say, if your meaning of life dosen't include this phrase :
(whatever they are or have, whatever the date of death), believe me, you will keep ask yourself (what is the meaning of my life?) Whatever what you will achieve or what you will reach in your life,

sorry for saying that, but I really feel sorry for anyone dosen't know the real meaning of life,

SO, The only goal of life is . . . .
no no :) if you really want to know from your heart, you must look for it,

Best of luck :))



Know myself is the first goal, and perhaps the last :)

You forgot a step :


0 - Define Life.


Most people don't really know what Life is. If you can't define something, you can't find it's purpose.


I need to add, your text sounds to me like a subliminal way of spreading a common religious thinking (probably jewish, christian or muslim). Those religions made humans think inside a box, forbidding them to push limits of imagination and universe.


If you push those limits, you may discover Life can have multiple purposes/goals. And that's why Life is so beautiful ;)


Best of luck :))

The life is uncertain and this is the reason I try to enjoy

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