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Do you care about " face "?

In our clutre, we care about "face" very much. For exmple, if you make someone losing face , you can' t keep good relationship with them. Do you care about it? Do you enjoy losing face?



I care about keeping dignity in each situation, but i also think it leaves people defenseless against those who doesn't care about face at all. 

as a traditional chineae , i care my face very much .i think it is very important .

I don't think any nice person would enjoy causing a person a to lose face, but it's not so simple.  I worked in China for a number of years and it can be quite complex.  One big issue I encountered was this: Chinese companies alway promote up people from the "correct" families or people with high education, not necessarly the people with the most merit to be manages.  You have to treat Chinese people with kid gloves.  When a person of status makes a comment that is completely incorrect or just plain ridiculous, you must find a way to correct them without hurting their feelings.  I worked as an engineering expert in a very specific sort of industry and I was absolutely stunned at how clueless the Chinese managers who were supposed to be in charge of large projects actually had no idea what they were doing.  It was difficult to correct their mistakes and keep the project on track, safe, and efficient without hurting their delicate feelings.  It is one thing to feel you have lost face, it's another thing to shut down and become uncooperative because someone has correct you.  I care about face, but I care more about doing my job correctly and keeping the people around me safe while they work with me.  If some Chinese person must lose face so that I can keep people safe, so be it, it's an easy decision for me.


I don't care about my face very much, although I care about faces of others because not caring about faces will only work against me.

No one wants to get embarrased in front of people. Some people are so insecure about their positions in their groups and their faces constantly need to be honored. It's like that's their only way to feel respected. 

In an organization, esp. elders and upper management people tend to care their faces very much. I guess they feel they think they are wise so that they are supposed to know everything, which isn't true. Maybe as people get older, they tend to hang onto the role given by the organization they belong. 

Aha, good ideal! First, elder and upper management people care their faces very much. Second, I care my face very much. Third, at the mean time of caring people's faces, doing the right thing is hard.

what I think is you can only you use face in the context you want only if you say to lose face...thats when it means to lose your status...otherwise you are talking about the part of your know:

your face is ugly/beatiful...:D

Ok I looked it up, and it appears you can use it like that :D

Honest mistake :P

Bruce, thanks for your answer! you are a really inteligent man!

Thanks for your suggestion, Andre Kaasik!  "Face" is chinglish totally. " Face" in chinese cluture means to give respect to other people, but more than it.

    M4rc0, the fear of " lose face" is the bigest problem in learning a foreign language or learing in new skills I had knew nothing about them. Becuase I am weak because I knew nothing about before I learn it, and I don't want the other people know it. BTW,  "I remember speaking Korean for the first time, and the waitress had a big laugh. Ha ha ha.", I don't think they are ill-disposed. That's fun, just like we laugh at little baby who walk at the firt time, lopping, then fell down.

    Btw, "give face to someone" means to let they feel they are important. At the same time, critize someone openly will make them "lose face".


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