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Celebrities life . . . Why !!! . . .

Why do we care so much about celebrities life?

are we have an empty life or what?

or we just want to fill our time because we don't know anything else to do?

or do you think they deserve that?

why do we give all that attention to people who don't know we are exists?

why do we just watching what we like to watch ( movies, songs, dramas, sports, programms . . . etc ) and enjoy as much as we want without give that attention to celebrities, and give more attention to our lives & life of people who we love & who loves us ?

sometimes when I was watched the news, I just listen something like that :

"The super star . . . . . ( one of actors for example ) was got divorced"

ooooooh, what a big deal . . . . . . Really?!
is that what we care about now ?

tell me your opinion plz . . . Thanks :)



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