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Please tell me how to learn English well?


I really want to learn English well, who can tell me how to do? thank you!



study together ,my qq 2224100165, skype: aaron00888

It is important to use the language in as many different ways as possible as often as you can. Read books, write stories or whatever, watch movies, listen to music, talk aloud, think in English and so on. And you should make sure that what you learn is actually correct so you don't learn bad grammar and such. This is where Italki can be useful, you can ask native speakers for advice if you are not sure.

Hi Tingyu, we can practice English together.

I'm a girl too. :)


let's learn english together i think it improve your english 

Practice is the only way to polish your English . Click my profile to check if I am a good language partner and add me as your partner.

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