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Do you think humanitarian people are also good to the people around them?


Do you think a guy for the Red Cross can also be a wife beater? or a UNISEF worker can also enjoying being with kids?




also not enjoying*

Anything is possible. They might want to make themselves look like good people to outsiders. But in general I feel like they are good people. It is mostly volunteer work and they do it because they really want to help people in need.

Absolutely.  How could you ever make such a broad statement that no "humanitarian person" could be capable of bad things?  What kind of dream world do you live in?


Yes, of course.  Many people have a hidden agenda and could be capable of doing terrible things.  People also do jobs they despise because of the amount of money they could potentially earn. 


maybe you can never judge a book by its cover

everybody has a dark side that he doesn't want to show it to the others

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