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Your impression towards Pattaya, Thailand

Privet guys and girls :)


I just went to Pattaya few days ago and found out there were so many of Russians over there. The signs everywhere were all written in Russian language.. They seem to be the most of tourists who visit that part of Thailand. It just makes me a little skeptical what makes these people come all the way there. So, here's the question: What is your impression about Pattaya, Thailand? :)


Looking forward to your answer!


Spasibo and have a good day :)




All these Russian people were sent there by tourist companies. They do not know much about other locations in Thailand. They have chosen Pattaya because it is cheap and close to the airport. As for me, I do not think that Pattaya is the best place to spend your holidays. It is noisy, overcrowded and not clean. But it is very convenient for single men, if you know what I mean.


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