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[Russian Language - Understanding] Russian Federation VS Former Soviet Countries

Hi there, I've heard that people from former soviet countries, such as Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, do not speak the same Russian as people from the Federal. There are words that these people use differently. I'm just wondering if it is true and if the difference is big. Do you people understand each other's Russian thoroughly?



In general, a language has its differences in different places, for example, Spanish is not the same in Southamerica and Spain, they use different words and the pronunciation is not similar.

Difference in Russian is not that big, so it is pretty understandable. There are some local words everywhere, but you can always ask if you don't know a particular word.

Aaawww.. thanks both of you :)

Agree with you Stas, in Ukraine we have many young people who don`t use Russian daily.. they can understand it.. but when i try to talk to them in Russian.. aww better if they never do that again.. it looks like a mix of Russian and Ukrainian.. which sounds so bad!


USSR fell long time back..and nowadays the countries got their own languages, better if we firstly learn it completely without doing crazy mix with Russian :)

Thanks all of you for the answers. Very clear and informative it is :)

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