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marriage someone you don't know

can you marry someone you just meet on website or somthing like that 


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  • Posted by ER Nov 02, 2013




why not 


I could never do it, but people do it all the time. The most popular reason strangers get married is to get a green card, but that is fraudulent and they can go to jail if they are caught.


Marriage is a serious commitment and it's not something you can get out of easily- you have to pay to get divorced and any assets acquired during the marriage usually have to be split in some way. Also, here in the United States, divorce takes a long time. I wouldn't want to be trapped like that with someone I don't know!

Maybe i will ,if he is a right man for me


Marriage is not a joke.It means responsibilily,two people live together,take care of their parents and children together,making a beautiful future life together.So I will find someone I know him deeply,not just see him few times.


Yes :)


I know two loving married couples who met online. Seriously they've both been married for years and are probably some of the best couples I know.

In most situation  , if there were some other people or more opportunities to choose , the anwser must be negative for most people I guess  . People are supposed to get married with some people they love . However, undeniable , So many people regard marriage as a sort of trade not only in barbarous areas , but also in some developed countries  . They really believe marriage can bring them some profit or benefit for their family , for their clans . It is also very common for those young girls who do not have any preference to choose . It can be seen in some other underveloped countries .

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