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Why do you ask sombodys skype here... Do you really need it ?

Why don't you just use the messages here.....  



With skype (or any other software to chat) you can send instant messages, also do calls,

wich is too useful when you want to practice your skills.
Personally I do it because of that reason.)) 

I think it's because , speak is the hard part and most of people need to improve their speaking skills :)

Skype is used frequently for people around the world. In my case, it's better for me to find someone on skype. Also, as Adan said, it's better if you want to practice your speaking with someone else.

I think that we need some audio video chat like that here on italki :)

It is convenient to always be logged on to Skype while on a computer or on a phone, so you can always be alerted to new messages, whereas you must have this webpage open and constantly look at it, or check e-mail notifications, to see a new message. This may be fine with long messages that don't need an instant reply, but not for chatting together with someone at the same time. Of course, there are other software to Skype which are more commonly used in certain areas. As for sending audio messages, some software allows that, but it can be quite annoying while IM (instant messaging) to be sent lots of audio clips; you could just voice call instead.


You don't have to use your webcam on Skype.

However talking is the most important part of learning any language so do not neglect the use of Skype regardless of video or not. Video does help though, because there are times when I Skype on a lesson and I am only speaking my target language but if I don't know a word then I use body language, facial expressions, and my teacher understands.


So what if you're a little shy at first? I think we all were when we first started skyping. However you'll get used to it, and fast! You'd be surprised on how fun it really is!

If you want Italki to establish a video , camera system to learn language , it would be unpractical as the system would be too ponderous to take . Skype would be better if you want to chat with your language partners .


I met an american phd here, He is a black guy and nice. But he wanted a video chat. I am afraid that can not fellow him with my poor english. So I want to say sorry here.

I will make an advenced to improve my English later.


Isn't it better to use Skype where you can see and hear the person you are in touch with ?

The italki chat is bad enough. Messages come late or not at all. I can't see a video chat working any better here.


But also, my Skype list did get very long, and it is very hard to video or audio chat with everyone that wants to. So, be careful with how many people you invite to your Skype world.

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