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Which do you like go(囲碁) or shogi(将棋)?

Both games are Japanese culture. I can play both games. Go(囲碁) is middle class. Shogi(将棋) is primary class. I like Go(囲碁). Go(囲碁) is profound, respectable and severe. Which do you like go(囲碁) or shogi(将棋)? And what is your reason?  



I have played Go and watched university students play the game.  I have never watched or played Shogi.  Here is my revision:


Shogi and Go are both Japanese board games.  Shogi looks similar to chess because both involve attacking the opponents players.  Go is more about aquiring territory.  Shogi and Go both require strategy and knowledge of successful maneuvers.  Which game do you prefer playing?  Please state your reason for prefering one over the other.

Thank you fou your reason.

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