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Any ideas about how I could learn and speak an Asian languages?


As a Persian American who grew up in the states, I have recently become interested in Asian languages such as Chinese ( Mandarin) and Japanese. The thing is that I find the pronounciation of the words in these languages to be quite challenging for someone like me. I have practiced the basic phrases and sentences and have the ability to catch those phrases in people's conversations. Though I just find it very challenging and hard to speak out the words when it comes to having a conversaton with someone in those languages. I think I am just scared to speak out since I have no idea how to exactly pronunce these melodic words with the right tune! 

Any suggestions/ solutions? 


Thank you! xie xie! Arigato!







NO worries , as there are so many people who can speak chinese here and they are so willing to teach you Chinese . If you want to practice Chinese in exchange of your English , I would be glad to your language fellow .

jut to learn other languages is not so difficult.


for example, I can type easy English like this.

but i dont speak English and im afraid of speaking it because of pronounciation><


i know how to learn.... listening and speaking and reading are the best.





so the point is to find someone kind to talk with.



Hello Diana, I have written two articles about why you should learn Chinese :P


Why You Should Learn Chinese if you want try Asian Languages Part I


Why You Should Learn Chinese if you want try Asian Languages Part II


Hope it helps.



In terms of 'how' part, I think there is no shortcut but just learn it, speak it, use it as much as possible. I notice that the children in China they speak very slow and clear at the start whe they are able to speak some simple words. While they grow up, they speak faster and faster gradually and begin to write and read Chinese characters when they are in school age. So I think you can just image you are a little youngster and start to speak it slow and gain some basic conversation words and skills to build up your confidence. After you gain good enough fundanmental knowledge about Chinese, you can start to write and read Chinese!



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