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how can u pretend u r comfortable when u in a bus full of foreigner ????

The situation came up to my mind just now, and I think it's funny and we can see it often.

We do experiencd that when we r in a bus, a foreigner who with different hair color and different skin color get up to the bus then almost all people will pretend to  glance he in casual (including me  hahaha ).

If  u r  the foreigner, what will u do? Will u smile to create a pleasent atmosphere to melt the awkward or will u pretens u r comfortable with expressionless?? by thinking others r the radishes ??  hahaha



I always feel like people are looking at me. So I just try to have a "minding my own business" look as I get by a big group of people. It used to be so bad that I would switch sides of the street just so I didn't have to akwardly walk past someone very slowly. But I am a lot better now. I smile and nod at people if they have a kind face, otherwise I just look strait ahead and try not to make eye contact.

@Mackenzie  "minding my own business" is  a  good way to ignore others but it's not a good way to integrate  into the new society.  Because u still feel the barries between u and them. and I hope I am that kind of  person who have a kind face....^ ^  hahaha

" look strait ahead and try not to make eye contact " most of the people will do that ....…… hahah

I don't really notice people looking at me. In Australia, when I'm on the bus and not doing anything, I generally look to see who is getting on anyway, so I expect others are just doing that.

By the way, what do you mean by 'the radishes'? haha

@Harry   I don't really notice people looking at me. cause u look the same as them ?  radishes means  u image the people in the bus r not people but the radishes or carrots....hahah......... is it a right sentence?

We should be in every situation calm, despite of good or bad treatment of our background. Only calmness gives us a very important thing - to react properly whatever happens. Yes the smile and the kindness are the best way in meating with foreign people. Just continue to be the best of you!

@eva  to react properly whatever happens.  nice~!^ ^

You get used to it after a while and it doesn't bother you.

I mean I don't really notice in China or in Australia, since I think it's normal for people to see who's getting on the bus, and people are usually facing the front anyway.

You said 'the radishes' - you've used 'the' which means 'radishes' have been referred to before. You should say 'by thinking that others are radishes [or something]'.

@Bruce  i see what u mean and i agree with u,,,be oneself is more easy to feel happy in life ....and i think maybe i should say it in another word... for instance, when u r in a bus full of foreigners and u can feel people r looking at u ,will u feel awkward?  humen used to act oddly when they r uncomfortable.....if u r the  peoson who was looking at , what would u do to make u feel normal and decline your uncomfortable feeling.... is it  ok??    …… ……^ ^

@harry  thanks~~!! ^ ^


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