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If you are sad what are you doing to change your mood?



Go away from my home :)


I start thinking about better things in my life.

I call my friends and they are who turn up my mood! :D:D:D

Eat delicious food!


It's very difficult for me.

I'm not a person who is happy all the time... When I start feeling really down I try to reflect on all the positive things in my life. I often think about how fortunate I am compared to most people in the world.

I have a home, a job, electricity, food, clean water, etc. I have nothing to feel bad about!


First of all i try to find out the reason why i'm in a bad mood)) Also usually i watch cartoons

When I'm in a bad mood I clean and listen to the music out loud. It helps me take off the stressful thoughts. 

Most people are not optimistic at all times . Everybody has his trough . I would seek out why I am not happy and rationalize it as much as I can . Almost every effect supposes a cause . So as a consequence , to find a solution is the key issue to improve your mood .

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