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what do you do first when you come home?

I do take off my shoes.





I get into my pajamas then poor a beer.

i open the fridge :D

Getting rid of my uniform.^^ I don't want to see it until tomorrow :D 

Greet my parents :-)

Firstly - close the door ;D

Breathe a sigh of relief :)

thanks for funny comments all^-^


i sometimes check if someone is in or not my room!!!


its true.



1st : I will call my cats and hug them tight!

2nd: I will ask my cats if they already eat something.

3rd: I will ask my mother is she feeds my cats when I was not home

4th: I will feed my cats if my mother did not feed them. If my mother feeds them already. I will turn on my computer or sleep.

Take a rest.

open the door..........

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