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Close Your Eyes . . . & Imagine . . .

May I ask you to close your eyes & imagine that :

If you were in a ship, traveling to the most beautiful place that you love, and everything was like a dream,

And Suddenly !!!

A huge storm happened, and caused breaking & sinking of the ship,
but you were able to cling to a piece of wood, watching people sinking in the sea but you couldn't help them,

Still keep your eyes closed ,

Now You are alone in the sea with just a piece of wood, without anything around you, just dead people, ( BTW, there was this sentence carved on the piece of wood " I am here for you" ) ,

Sky, Sea, Dead people, Piece of wood & . . . . . . Silence

What will be in your mind in this moment?
Try to describe what will be your feeling in this moment?
Do your mind will surrender to death?

Please, think deeply, feel the moment,

Now you can open your eyes,
and tell me . . . . . .
What will be in your mind in this moment?




First of all a regret that I could just watch others die but not save even a one. What can I do, How can I survive without food or water in this ocean? Who knows when a shark or some other sea creature will come and eat me down. But since people might notice that a ship of them has lost communication, they may send some rescuers. Let's wait for them. :)

Thanks Abhi :)


let's add this sentence to our imagination :

" What if this story was happened in year when there was no fast technology to save you ? "

Close your eyes again ^ - ^
& tell me :)

Thanks Yulia Archibasova :)

so you want to say your brain will refuse to accept The Death ?


Is this the nature of our minds In such situations ?

I think that the fisrt thing I'm gonna do, is to take a deep moment of reflexion! I would probably remember all best and worst moments of my life, and I'm gonna thing to myself : what a strange life! we keep running and working all the time without imagining that life can just easly stop without preventing! 
This reflexion would probably take a few minutes until a wave or a movement wakes me up and let makes me think of a way to survive! 

Well ... I just close my eyes and imagine the situation, I think that if there is no help that will come, I'll die!

Are you am I supposed to read this. when my eyes are closed :P

but if this would happen to me...I think I would try to swim somewhere(even though I suck at it)


Also when going somewhere with a ship...I would start to think which way the boat went...for how long it was going, and when was it supposed to arrive at destination..thus making sure which way to swim is more reasonable...:P

Oh... Water is so cold!! I feel such a desperation! What to do? How can I get out from this cold water... Oooo my God help me, help me... I,m crying and crying I can,t see properly for all these tears... oh this water... I will try to get on this plank, it is quite large, hopefully it can get me out from water,... oh thanks God, thanks God I have managed it. I feel such a relief, I feel such an emptieness inside of me. For a while I just rest, I don,t think, I  feel... Sun is so warm, so pleasant.. I don,t want to think, I don,t want to cry again... I,m so exhausted, I don,t dare to open my eyes, maybe later I will do something.. but God, why this happened to me??!!

Hmm, if there wasn't any fast technology to save me, huh?


Let's see. ...any sea creature may come and eat me. If only I carry a trained pigeon with me, I can even send a paper put in a bottle, but where can I find them? Let's see what others have with them. I don't know swimming, Hush, I should have learnt it when it's time. (As I find no hope..) I should have treated my parents better, I should have proposed to her, I should have helped him when he was asking for help that day I just shunned him. Okay, let's learn swimming, if I can manage to learn swimming, I can go atleast somewhere, hopefully an island full of food. Hopefully I can start a new life. I can't just sit here and do nothing. Hmph.

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