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life after graduation

I want to know how people start their life after being graduated...



People usually start looking for a job (at first only to get work experience) or go on to further study, ie: taking master degree after finishing bachelor degree.

Personal experience: I got a full time job then had a baby, worked part time for a short bit and now have been doing anywhere from 40-60 hours a week for four years to provide for the family and save up so I can afford a secondary education. Some people are able to travel and go to school right after they graduate but I want to save my money so things go smoothly. It is very exausting but I would never want to relive high school. I am very happy being an adult.

Many people after being graduated feel bored and miss their life at university, their old friends... I think their style of life, they will start a new chapeter of life which is totally diferent to the last one ...

Trying to be more independent,  I think. When I was a college student,  I used to ask some money from my parents becoz my part-time job payment wasn't enough for a month living, and I often asked them to help me deciding something, solve my problems, and so on. But after graduated, I'm used to living my life without their intervension and I can fulfill my own necessity by my own money.

Find your fun and try to exert yourself with your knowledge learned from schools .

Well , fellow countrywoman , people here spend their time looking for a job. A year might elapse before such an occupation is acquired. Then they spend their time gathering money for the so very expensive marriage. When marriage is concluded , they spend their time working even more to provide for the family that ensues from the aforementioned marriage. That's just what I see is happening , of course there are many exceptions. 

usually all new graduated begin to search job in different companies or government offices to practice what they study in university.and to get money.

A little do not get used to live without goals but there are each kind of associations getting to find me.

I can feel their feeling is base on being bored as well. Some people are not professional but they still welcome such kind of people. I think that depend on ture personality for everyone to join in after graduation. Starting a new life. For me I still keep on walking on musical road.

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