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Are you happy with your personality?

If you do not like your personality (or some qualities) how to change , what are the qualities that you like to earn and what are the qualities that you like to give them up .




all the best to you bro in the journey of life .

It is very hard to say how to change but It is good to go back to your childhood and history. Some actions of losing meaning become a sear on my action. That can rebuild our character to what we really choose. It is like a novel the fifth Shierly become one Shirely only.

I dont know. I had ever read an abnormal psychology book. It seem that "dont like yourself" that is general cause of each sicknesses. Perhpas, You can not find it but you can look for a doctor without any bad meaning to help you.




great thanks for answer


it is very nice to see all that qualities , all the best to you in your work

It is very important to be happy with your personality and to have a peace in your doesnt matter which personality you have, you must love yourself anyway as you are a part of this uniververse....universe is perfect so you must be perfect too))

I like my personality :) But It wasn't always. There were times when I felt really uncertain, but I overcame It after I accepted my personality with all my flaws. I think you can't move on until you don't love yourself. Now I look philosophical at my life. If I have some bad quality that I don't like I just work it out without any concerns. 

Naatasha your words very beautiful like your soul .

Лиза  thank you for your nice comment and every person in the world has flaws, but the most important is always trying to improve and remove flaws as much as possible

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