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Who lkes Australia?

Have you traveled to Australia? We are going this week to visit Sydney to celebrate my 13th birthday! It's one of my favorite cities, but we will also go to Canberra and I have never been there. What are your favorite things to do in Australia?

G'day Mate!



i don't know , i never been Australia before,, but i hope i can be there someday,

Great Barrier Reef is one of my favorite place to go.

I lived in Sydney until I was five, and I go back there every year to visit my family. I'm not sure how much there is to do as a tourist, but at the very least I'd recommend that you take a boat tour of Sydney Harbour and that you climb Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can opt to do the latter during the day, at dawn, twighlight or at night.


If you come to Australia, I recommend that you come to Queensland if you have time. My hometown, the Gold Coast, is famous for its beaches. It also has four very 'touristy' theme parks. Dream World and Movie World are fun. I'm fairly certain that Dream World generally has much shorter queues. Wet'n'Wild is great for 'water stuff'. Sea World is aimed entirely at tourists, but it does have a lot of wildlife if you're interested in that.

You can swim on the Gold Coast and go whale watching, but if you want to see the Great Barrier Reef you need to go further north to places like Cairns or Rockampton.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I was born in Sydney, raised on the Gold Coast and am now living in Canberra. I'll tell you what I can.



Canberra is only a small city. It's surrounded by bush though, and you can quickly walk to dense Australian bush from the city centre. Canberra's city centre is a suburb called Civic. You'll likely be staying in a hotel there, or on a major road called Northbourne Ave.


If you come to Canberra, I strongly recommend that you climb Black Mountain and Mount Ainslie. They're only short hikes (less than an hour), and they're right next to the city. You should see plenty of Australian wildlife and bush on the way. At the top of Black Mountain is Telstra Tower. It offers an amazing view of Canberra. The top of Mount Ainslie looks straight onto Parliament House from above the War Memorial.

There are bush walking trails from all over Canberra that go to the top of Mount Ainslie. You can drive to the top of both mountains if you wish.

You can see plenty of wild kangaroos at night (around 2-3am) in the outer parts of Dickson, Hackett, Ainslie etc. 


If you want to see them in sunlight, climb Mount Ainslie within an hour of sunrise. You can't miss them if you don't go too late, although they'll probably hop away by the time you get close enough to take a photo.


There's also a large group of kangaroos that move around in broad daylight on the lawn around the Croatian Embassy. Most embassies in Australia are located near parliament house, but there's a small number that are located about half an hour south of that in a suburb called O'Malley. The Croatian Embassy has a high spot on a hill there (which offers a fantastic view of the rest of Canberra). When you drive past it, you should see a large lawn with a lot of kangaroos. I think the lawn is reserved space for several unbuilt embassies, but as of right now the kangaroos are the only residents.

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