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Make phone call

Are you afraid of making phone call? Why and how to conquer that?




Are you afraid of making phone calls? Why and how do you conquer that? 

And yes I am xD. Especially with people I have never talked to on the phone before, I'm not sure why, but it makes me nervous haha. But I just press call, stop thinking and say what I have to say ^_^. Eventually though the more you talk to them the easier it will be - you won't be afraid anymore. But when I call the doctors or something, I write down what I want to say because I'm not good talking to strangers over the phone. 



I agree with Elaina. I  feel nervous every time I want to make a call with the people I have never talked to. hahah I usually write them to build a rapport before pressing the call button :D

Me too :)
Don't know why but I'm affraid of making phonecall. I want to talk directly or send messages. So, sometimes, even talk via Skype that I can see the one who is talking with me, I still hate that kinđ of communication. Talking directly is the best way. I think :) 

I make phone calls since 3 :P

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