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What is the language more complicated for you?




Polish is very complicated. So is Turkish. I am a Germanic language speaker, so thst is just my perspective.

Languages I try to learn is Russian ,alphabet is not difficult to learn but the grammar and vocabulary are difficult.

I agree with Evandro, Russian is so hard and some letters are difficult to pronunciate, the grammar, uuffff...... many rules.

Slavic languages are very difficult. I started to study Czech but had to put it in pause because learning it requires a lot of time from me.

I believe that any language that I'd have to learn a new alphabet as well. 

It used to be english because I used to hate studying english because I taught it was very complicated and boring. Here is a compulsory subject and I had to study english for getting a diploma. Right now I think that english isn´t complicated and boring and I get fun studying and practicing my english with many people. It depends of your focus. If you want to be a linguist and a grammar expert any language could be very difficult but if you just want to communicate your thoughts and ideas and get fun while doing it. No matter what language you would study it will be very easy and you will improve very quickly.

Chinese language ><

Although im a native speaker but i think arabic is the most complicated language, specially in pronounciation 


Mandarin Chinese. Although I love the sense of fulfillment of saying it correctly. 

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