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How to improve writing English skill?

Hi all, my writing English skill is not good. I really want to improve it, but i don't know i should start to learn what first. Please give me some comments. Thanks :)




Writing is second to speaking. If you improve and almost perfect your speaking your writing will follow naturally. Take for example what you just wrote. Do you understand what you did wrong? The way you wrote your question is the same way you said it in your head right? It's understandable of course but it's not grammatically correct. Hi everyone! My English writing skill is not good. I really want to improve it, but I don't know what I should start to learn first. Please give me some advice. Thanks :) Okay so there's only 3 major errors: writing English skill --> English writing skill Moving the location of "what" on the second sentence Comments --> Advice So I recommend finding a good book, one with good reviews. Do daily self-study as well as daily or as much as you can talking sessions with a native.

Thanks your advice Philip. 

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