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What is the things you want to do now?



I'd like to do a lot of things, but my day has only 24 hours. I think I'd need about 40 hours a day to do all that I want, such as working, studying English, attending to the classes in the college, checking out my Facebook, meeting my girlfriend (and my friends), watching some videos on YouTube... You see?

Anyway, unfortunatelly I never have enough time, and I find that lots of people have the same trouble to choose what to do and what leave for later.

Simply, I wanna KILL somebody XD :P

I wanna read my favourite book named Beloved Oxford, I wanna walk around Guom Lake to talk to foreigners, I wanna meet my friend...And I wanna know about you :-P Do u come from China :D What's your name. Nice to meet you. My name is  Quynh and I come from Vietnam, the contry next to your country, maybe if your country is China :D

I wanna make launche! ;)

I wanna a new guitar!

I wanna finish all of my assignments! :P

I suppose that I am doing what I want to do.  I am going to suggest a better way to phrase your question in English.  You need to ask the following:  What do you want to do now? or What do you want to accomplish in the near future?  or What are your long term goals?  or What would you do if you had free time and available resources?

Speaking English very very well

Good ideal!

xarmanla, thanks for your correction.

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