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What kind of films or serials do really help me to study English?



I like to recommend the movie "Tangled" because it is a children's show, so the conversation is not particularly complex but the language--what they say and how they say it--is pretty "modern" American. As far as TV series, there are so many to choose from so it really depends on your own style. Of course "Friends" is a classic that still influences the way we talk.

Thank you,Ceej!What about news?It's too hard to understand.They are speaking too fast!



I prefer podcast you can listen in car ,walking ,sohpping , etc ,


this web site it's my way to learn i'm sure you will love it  


and the important think is life with the  language  . 


if you have a skype account you can add me to use the language with us (we are looking to start skype group to learn english rhigt now we are three ) if you want send to me message and also any one who read this message 

Oh, I started to listen podcast a week ago.You were right I really loved it.

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